Newborn & Infant Education:

  • I offer a variety of parenting classes on breastfeeding, baby care, infant safety, sleep, growth & development and more. Both private and group classes are available for parents and organizations.
  • For a comprehensive guide on baby care, breast & bottle feeding and the postpartum fourth trimester check out my book What In The Baby?!? set to be released on April 30, 2021! 

Health Consulting Available in the Following Areas:

  • Infant health education
  • Childhood developmental milestones
  • Maternal and infant health disparities
  • Infant mortality prevention
  • Infant feeding and lactation education
  • Pediatric injury prevention & safety
  • How to make your facility more breastfeeding friendly and family-centered
  • Care coordination for children with special healthcare needs
  • HEDIS quality measure evaluation and strategic improvement consultations
  • Maternal-child health program development 

Custom solutions are also available for organizations and are perfect for childcare centers, non-profit organizations, hospitals or private practices. Contact me to schedule an introductory call!

Consultations for Healthcare Professionals:

  • If you’re a healthcare professional with business related questions or “want to pick my brain” schedule an appointment with me here! 
  • Perfect for professionals seeking 1:1 business advice. Whether you’re a nurse or nurse practitioner with questions about setting up a a private lactation practice, or need more information about getting started with freelance writing I can help provide you with the resources and information you need to get started


Does your organization need a nurse writer? 

If you’re looking to outsource your organization’s content don’t worry I’ve got you covered. I specialize in creating evidence-based health content and educational materials that are informative (minus the medical jargon) and easy for your patients and clients to understand.

Let me take the content off your hands so that you can focus on patient care and the tasks that build revenue for your organization!

You can take a look at my portfolio by clicking here.

So what exactly can I help you with? My services include:

  • Blog post articles 
  • Social media content
  • Patient education materials 
  • Email newsletters

Contact me here to schedule an introductory call.

Custom content plans are available and perfect for non-profit organizations, small businesses, hospitals or private practices.