Newborn & Infant Education:

  • I offer a variety of parenting classes on breastfeeding, baby care, infant safety, growth & development and more. Both private and group classes are available for parents and organizations.

        Lactation Consultations: a video visit to identify your breastfeeding issues and help create a plan to meet your goals. Email and text support is included for 1 additional week after the consult.

        • Low milk supply
        • Over supply & engorgement
        • Sore nipples or breast pain
        • Difficult latch
        • Positioning to help with effective milk removal
        • Pumping and storage concerns
        • Planning for your return to work

        Breastfeeding Classes: I’ll cover the basics of breastfeeding and discuss techniques to assist you in getting your breastfeeding experience off to a great start.

        • Topics include: breast anatomy, positioning and latch, establishing and maintain your milk supply and pumping.

        Additional Lactation Services:

        • Breast or bottle feeding of preterm and small for gestational age (SGA) babies.
        • Consultations for breastfeeding moms of infants with dairy & soy intolerances.
        • Helping moms to navigate breastfeeding into the toddler years.

        Maternal & Child Health Consulting:

        • Infant health education, childhood developmental milestones, maternal and infant health disparities, infant mortality prevention, pediatric nutrition, lactation education, injury prevention & safety, care coordination for children with special healthcare needs, content creation and program development. Contact me to schedule an introductory call!
        • Custom solutions are also available and perfect for childcare centers, non-profit organizations, small businesses, hospitals or private practices.

        Business Consultations For Healthcare Professionals:

        • If you’re a healthcare professional with business related questions, schedule an appointment with me here! Perfect for professionals seeking 1:1 business advice, resources for nurses or nurse practitioners interested in setting up a private lactation practice or assistance with course creation.